Focus on food waste

With landfill tax alone standing at £82.60 per tonne as of November 2015, AD is a much more cost effective, as well as environmentally friendly means of disposal.

We carry out FREE on site food waste audits, suggesting ways of reducing contamination levels and helping to implement changes to your systems and processes so that it is in the best possible condition for Anaerobic Digestion. We also manage your duty of care notes to ensure your waste is disposed of in the correct legal manner.

The whole process is bespoke, we take into account your needs, your issues and your goals.  We can also work alongside your existing waste collection contractor.

It doesn’t matter how big or small a food waste producer you are, we can help you, and we don’t ever suggest a process that would be too time consuming or complicated for you and your team to implement and adopt.


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 Below are some of the ways food waste producers can benefit from working with us 


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We organise your bins

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Whether you need one 240L bin or large bulk waste collection, we have the solution. Food waste can be placed into the bins loose, packaged, or in biodegradable/clear bin liners leading to:

  • Quality waste reduction
  • Cost reduction in waste disposal
  • Increased recycling/zero waste to landfill
  • Quality food waste for AD plants

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Monthly reporting

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We are able to provide reports on:

  • Disposal tonnages of each waste stream
  • The % of contamination in your waste
  • How many miles your waste travelled
  • The calorific value of your food waste; you will know exactly how much energy it produced
  • The carbon footprint of your waste

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Higher recyclate values

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Separating your food waste from other waste streams means that you automatically clean up everything else.

This results in higher recyclate values for waste such as cardboard, plastics and metals, making zero to landfill more achievable.

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Longer Term Pricing Plans

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We have a national network of AD plants, and we know when a site closer to you, but currently under construction will be operational (the closer the site, the less haulage you pay).

Using this information we are able to offer alternative, closer disposal options via AD over a period.

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Is your food waste suitable for Anaerobic Digestion?

 Acceptable food waste

Household food waste

Canteen, restaurant and hotel food waste

Packaged and unpackaged food waste

Packaged and unpackaged drink waste

Bread and bakery products

Fruit and vegetables

Cooked and uncooked meats, fish and poultry

Fats and oils

Other organic residues from food producing industries

 Unacceptable food waste

General waste

Empty packaging

Hazardous waste

Cleaning products

Glass packaging

Bones Eggshells and shells


Local Authorities

WRAP research reveals a substantial reduction in the amount of household food and drink waste arising between 2007 and 2012

However, the research also highlights the scale of the opportunity remaining

As at May 2011 47% of local authorities in the UK are providing a food waste collection service to householders and an increasing number are looking to collect food waste from small businesses and schools.

The results show that avoidable household food waste has been cut by an impressive 21% since 2007, saving UK consumers almost £13 billion

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Costing £120,000, Leicestershire Waste Partnership’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign has increased the number of committed food waste reducers from 12% to 21% equating to 1,875 tonnes of food waste reduced. Cost savings estimated at £133,000.

Households participating in the three week, North London Food Waste Challenge (run by the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) reduced their food waste on average by 38% and saved 30% on their weekly food bills, with one household reducing their food waste by 75% and cutting their weekly food bill by 33%

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If you’re a local authority looking to introduce food waste collections – contact us