Figures reveal 10% of every festive dinner is thrown away

  • Poll by Unilever showed we spend an average £112 hosting a meal
  • Third of diners admit to serving themselves an excessive amount of food

Christmas food waste adds up to to 263,000 turkeys, 740,000 Christmas puddings and 17.2 million Brussels sprouts across the UK, a study revealed.

Figures show that nearly 10 per cent of every festive meal is thrown away, which equates to an incredible £64million of wasted food.

The sprouts alone would fill 1,000 wheelie bins, while leftover carrots could reach from London to Munich, end-to-end. And unused gravy would fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The poll by Unilever showed that whoever hosts Christmas lunch spends on average £112 on food alone.

Typically, there are six of us around the Christmas dinner table and we’re each expected to eat £18.60 worth of food.

But it would take the average family nearly four days to eat everything bought just for Christmas Day.

The study also found a third of British diners admit to serving themselves an excessive Christmas dinner that they can’t finish.

More than a third (36 per cent) of adults cite ‘getting caught up in the Christmas spirit’ as their excuse for buying too much food for the day.

Under-35s are the worst culprits: 15 per cent spend up to £200 on food but confess to discarding £27 worth each

One in five of us admit to buying traditional Christmas food we don’t even like, the study revealed.

The festive season is naturally a time when we indulge with our family and friends but throwing away 4.2 million of perfectly good Christmas dinners is a staggering waste, especially as not all of it will find its way to Anaerobic Digestion. 

This article originally appeared in the Daily Mail