RUR3 Environmental is a subsidiary of SWR Waste Management


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RUR3 was founded from a dining room table in 2007

after realising that if AD developers, the waste industry and food producers all worked together, more landfill diversion would be possible.

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The RUR3 team has dealt with a whole variety of wastes over the years; including setting up kerbside recycling schemes, selling recyclables nationally and procuring food waste into AD plants. One thing always remained consistent though; quality wastes enabled sustainable markets.

RUR3 was born with the prime objective of identifying suitable waste streams and linking food waste producers, the waste industry and AD Plant Operators all together to divert as much food waste from landfill as possible.

With such a unique model, it wasn’t long before the business outgrew the home environment, and office space was taken in the iCon, an environmentally friendly building in Daventry, Northants.

The business went from strength to strength, and in 2015 RUR3 Environmental Ltd became part of SWR Waste Management to ensure further progression.

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SWR was founded in 2007 with three key objectives;

to deliver excellent service, maximise recycling and establish cost savings for clients.

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SWR is able to design and deliver complete waste management services that work regardless of location or waste type.  Always, the entire service is managed by SWR, providing clients with a single point of contact for all waste issues and a single source of comprehensive reporting.

By helping businesses improve their environmental performance over the long term, significant cost savings are made through a reduction in unnecessary or uneconomical spend on waste.

A strong UK network enables SWR to offer local expertise, conduct on-site training, carry out on-site issue resolution and complete site audits easily and efficiently nationwide.

During a typical month over 50,000 scheduled container collections across 5,000 customer sites are completed.

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